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Brent Musburger

From the Masters to the NFL to the BCS to the World Series, if it's a big event in sports, Brent Musburger has called it. Uploaded by

I’m well aware Brent Musburger isn’t high on everyone’s list of sports play-by-play guys. But his distinctive voice reminds you that any game he calls is important. And he always begins with his signature opening: “You are looking live…”

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Musburger has covered virtually all the major sports, after serving for many years as the host of the groundbreaking NFL Today program with Irv Cross, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, and Phyllis George. The show was a little lighter on information than today’s marathon pregame shows, but more than made up for it with personality. Musburger hosted the program from 1975 to 1989. His primary duty now is college football, working with Kirk Herbstreit. And he’s still great.

Just look at some of the events he’s had the opportunity to cover or host: NFL, NBA, college basketball, college football, the Masters, the World Series, the World Cup, the BCS Championship, NASCAR, the Indy 500, and March Madness. Yes, when you hear Brent Musburger, you know you’re not just watching a game. You’re watching an event.

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