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Weight Watchers

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Hard to tell how many thousands of pounds people have lost using Weight Watchers over the years. I’ve used it, you’ve used it, all God’s chunky children have used it. While it may not have worked for everyone, the principles are sound.

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Next year, WW will celebrate its 50th year of service. Founded by homemaker Joan Nidetch in Brooklyn, it’s been tweaked a lot over the years through user experience and changing dietary science. But it still focuses on making smart choices, eating good foods, exercising, and group support. Nothing wrong with that approach.

You can even do the program online now. The support that used to come from weekly meetings can now be experienced to a degree by an online forum community. Weight Watchers will work – but the weight loss program that lets you “eat all your favorite foods and not have to exercise” is – and always will be – a foolish dream.

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  1. Nice write. One of the smarter common sense concepts in weight loss. 
    The wife became a life member in the late eighties after dropping 35lbs.