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Dilbert by Scott Adams,

If you've worked in a big office, you realize how perfectly Scott Adams captures the idiocies. Uploaded by

Everyone who has worked in an office knows how accurate Dilbert is. The self-serving, dim-witted boss. The lazy but resourceful coworker. The woman who’s determined to stand up for herself. The clueless customers. They’re all brought hilariously, achingly to life by Scott Adams.


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Adams, who holds an MBA from Cal Berkeley, worked a number of self-described “humiliating and low-paying” jobs in banking and telecommunications until his cartooning career took off. He used those experiences to show the situations we see most often in Dilbert: the pointy-headed boss taking credit for Dilbert’s work … micromanagement and rampant bureaucratic meddling … and my favorite, the backward customers from Elbonia.

Dilbert was the first comic to make the transition to the Internet, which it did back in 1995. You can still enjoy a lot of strips at the website,, where you’ll see The Pointy-Haired Boss, Wally, Ted, Alice, Dogbert, Asok and other minor characters (like Phil the Prince of Insufficient Light)…

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