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George Lucas

George Lucas,

George Lucas will always be revered as the creator, not the protector, of Star Wars. Uploaded by

Let’s be honest here. What George Lucas has done to his own Star Wars franchise almost disqualifies him from this list. And yet, the fact that he had the vision to create it in the first place cements his place. That, and the beloved Indiana Jones.

George Lucas,

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Lucas has worn virtually every major hat in Hollywood. He’s been a director (American Graffiti, Star Wars), writer (all the Indiana Jones movies), and executive producer (the preceding films, plus such one-ups as Willow and Tucker: The Man and His Dream). He’s done television as executive producer and sometimes as writer (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Star Wars: The Clone Wars). In addition, he helped start Pixar Studios and has contributed greatly to the technological advances in film making with THX sound and his Industrial Light and Magic division.

The Hollywood establishment has been stingy with its rewards for all the folks Lucas has brought to the box office, giving him only four Oscar nominations, and no wins. But he was smart enough to negotiate ownership of the merchandising rights for Star Wars – and a few hundred million dollars is a pretty comforting balm for wounded pride.


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