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Sports: Joe Montana

Sports Illustrated named Joe Montana as the all-time greatest quarterback in the clutch. Uploaded by

He wasn’t the most talented quarterback ever to play the game. But he won four Super Bowls. He didn’t accumulate the flashiest statistics for his sixteen seasons in the NFL. But he won the NFL’s MVP award twice. He was fortunate to play under one of the greatest all-time coaches (Bill Walsh) and got to throw to the best receiver (Jerry Rice). But he was MVP in three of his four Super Bowls.

Joe Montana. Uploaded by

Joe Montana was, simply, amazing in the clutch. Most of America first found this out in 1981, when Montana completed a pass to Dwight Clark in the NFC Championship Game with 51 seconds left. It’s known to all football fans as “The Catch.” But Montana did that over and over and over again. During his career, he led his team to a fourth-quarter comeback victory an amazing 31 times. Sports Illustrated calls him the number one clutch quarterback of all time.

While other QBs threw for more yard and more touchdowns, Montana simply won ball games. That’s why in 1999 The Sporting News named him the third-greatest NFL player of all time. And ESPN chose him as the 25th greatest athlete of the twentieth century. But we’ll always remember him because above all else, Joe Montana was a winner.

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