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WKRP in Cincinnati

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Okay, who was your favorite character on WKRP in Cincinnati? (Okay, other than Loni Anderson, guys.) Gary Sandy as program director Andy Travis? Or Howard Hesseman as burned out DJ Dr. Johnny Fever? The shy and beautiful Jan Smithers as Bailey Quarters? The soulful Tim Reid as Venus Flytrap?  Could be any of this wonderful cast, which, as with most memorable TV shows, is the secret of its success.

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Well, success is somewhat of a murky concept here. We remember WKRP as a great show, but it only lasted four seasons (Sept. ’78 – Sept. ’82). It received 10 Emmy nominations, including three for Outstanding Comedy Series, but only won one award – for videotape editing. Yet it lingers fondly because of the developing relationships between the characters, a hallmark of MTM productions.

By the way, does the set for WKRP look a little bit familiar? If so, it may be because the show was shot on the same stage as The Mary Tyler Moore Show , which featured a television newsroom. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, at least when it saves the company some dough.

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