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You can call them peanut butter crackers. But for me, they'll always be Nabs. Uploaded by

Now, I understand the traditional term “Nabs” for peanut butter crackers (and by association, other packaged crackers) is largely a Southern thing. I could have titled this post “Peanut Butter Crackers,” and more people may have realized what I meant.

But I can’t. Nabs are Nabs. Peanut butter crackers are what you make at home when you have peanut butter and saltines available. You buy Nabs in a store.


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The name goes back to 1924, when the National Biscuit Company had the idea to package crackers so they could be sold in country stores, soda fountains, and the like. They were originally called “Peanut Sandwich Packets.” That just rolls off the old tongue, doesn’t it? People shortened the company name to “Nabs,” and the marketing folks in 1928 were smart enough to go with what the people wanted.

They’re delicious. And very reasonable. They’re great with a bottle of Coke. You can call them whatever you want, just let me have my Nabs.

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