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Travel: Jackson Hole

While there is a town called Jackson here, Jackson Hole refers to a 48-mile long valley in Wyoming's Teton Mountains. Uploaded by

I wonder how many folks have visited this area and asked, “Okay, where’s the hole?” Answer: there is no hole. Seems that the first folks who came into this area made a steep descent through the surrounding Teton Mountains into the valley below. I guess it seemed like a hole to them. The valley, 48 miles long and 8-15 miles wide, is Jackson Hole.

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Grand Teton National Park fills much of the valley. There are only about 18,000 year-round residents in all of Teton County, so you’re as likely to see elk, moose, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, grizzly and black bear, bison, and trumpeter swans as people.

A good time to visit is in late May, when you can take in the Old West Days Celebration. There’s a Mountain Man Celebration and Traders Row, a shootout in the town square, a western chuckwagon dinner with entertainment, stagecoach rides, a parade, a brewfest, and a rodeo. Or come in the winter for some of the best skiing in the West. Yeehaw!

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  1. I have been to Jackson Hole. I would go back tomorrow, very beautiful. I stayed downtown and would walk over to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. I saw the play “Annie get your gun” at the playhouse, right behind my hotel. great trip!

  2. Annie Get Your Gun in Jackson Hole. Perfect! It’s a beautiful place, I can see why it’s so loved by the glitterati. Like you!