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King Kong

King Kong,

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Construction of the Empire State Building had only recently been completed when Hollywood realized how to romanticize it — “Let’s have a giant, I mean giant gorilla climb the thing!” “Yeah,” said another, “and he could be buzzed by airplanes trying to kill him!” And a third chimed in, “A girl! He could be holding a girl the ape has fallen in love with. She could be scared to death!” “She has to be a blonde!”

King Kong,

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Okay, probably not the way it actually happened. But that was the movie they made, and King Kong has become an iconic memory in American movie history. The stop-action animation was outstanding for its time, and Fay Wray accepted the role that would solidify her place in Hollywood lore.

The last line of the movie is one of the best-known quotes from film: “Oh no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast.” King Kong has received many accolades from the American Film Institute, including #43 in 100 Years…100 Movies, #13 in 100 Years of Film Scores, and #4 Fantasy Film in 10 Top 10.

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