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Coal Miners

Coal miners,

They do a dirty, dangerous job that we don't like to think about. But they make our lives better. Uploaded by

This isn’t about coal, for good or bad. It’s about the men who make their living underground in the dangerous dark, risking their lives and their health to bring us the energy that powers our economy.

Coal miner,

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The work is dirty and dangerous, and no amount of Federal regulations can change that reality. But the miners in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and other coal-producing states don’t have a lot of choice. They earn their livelihoods the same way their fathers did. And their grandfathers.

They often live in coal camps, and shopped at a company store. Some of that has changed; some hasn’t. They come to national attention when there’s a disaster, but the rest of the time they labor unappreciated and unremembered. And they believe in God, America, and the UMW. Not necessarily in that order.

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