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I can’t even imagine what was in the mind of those men crossing the English Channel before dawn on D-Day. Uploaded by

The size and scope of the D-Day operation grows more amazing as time goes on, and as the nature of warfare changes. In this age of guerrilla action, of drones and smart bombs and surgical airstrikes, it’s hard to imagine the invasion of some 200,000 troops at one time into the teeth of German forces.


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It’s not necessary here to detail the planning, the deception, the terror, the weather, the enemy, and the courage that were on display that day, June 6, 1944. Two things are most important. First, the people of Britain and France don’t speak German today. And second, there are several cemeteries in Normandy filled with thousands of white crosses and Stars of David.

They represent those who died for people they didn’t know. They died for our freedom. And the way we respect their sacrifice, the only way we can truly honor them, is to continue to fight for those freedoms against those without and within our country who would take them away.

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