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Supposedly, the name comes from how easily the burger slides down. Makes sense. Uploaded by

I loved these before they got their own name. Used to be they were just small burgers, until some smart marketing person (maybe working for White Castle) thought about calling them “sliders.” The name stuck like grease on waxed paper.

Krystal Burgers,

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They’re the staple of places like White Castle and Krystal. Now the big full-service dining chains have “discovered” them, and they’re not even just hamburgers now. Almost any small sandwich served on a bun is called a slider. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I guess.

What am I saying? A slider is a small hamburger. Period.

As I so often do when I write posts about food, I suddenly have a serious craving to go to the Texas Tavern in Roanoke, or to a Krystal restaurant. But no fussy chef creations, no chicken, no brioche buns. Mini greasy goodness, slider-style.

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