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Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty,

A huge hit series about a bunch of rednecks who got rich from a duck call. Yeah, a lot of people expected that. Uploaded by

Duck Dynasty is definitely an acquired taste. When friends first mentioned it, I thought, That sounds way too redneck for me. Which is also how I felt when I watched it for the first time. Looked like the guys of ZZ Top had their own reality show. And then…it started to grow on me. The Robertson clan of West Monroe, Louisiana made its fortune with a duck call, and the show is about how it has and hasn’t changed them.

Duck Dynasty,

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Duck Dynasty primarily revolves around the activities of the Robertson men, and they seem to find something new to shoot or to blow up in most episodes. Phil is the inventor and patriarch, while Uncle Si provides comic relief. The next generation is Willie (now company president) and Jase, who obviously married those nice-looking women before growing prodigious beards. And Miss Kay is Phil’s wife, probably the one with the most sense in the family.

Duck Dynasty just completed its third season, and it’s getting phenomenal ratings. The show’s season finale drew 9.6 million viewers, making it A&E’s most-watched show ever across all age groups. And DD demolished AI – American Idol. Guess more people wanted to hear Uncle Si’s wisdom than wanted to hear Mariah and Nicki squabbling.

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