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Christmas Cookies

Cookies weren't particularly associated with Christmas until someone got the bright idea to create cookie cutters in holiday shapes. Uploaded by

The lines are drawn, the preference often a family tradition, passed down from mother to daughter. There’s no middle ground. Either you’re a sugar cookie person or a gingerbread person. There’s no middle ground.

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Me, I’m a sugar cookie guy. I appreciate the fact that gingerbread feels more – authentic, I guess that’s the word I want. The story is that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made gingerbread part of their Christmas, establishing the tradition. But I have a sweet tooth, and I’m a sucker for those buttery, sugary treats.

I should make it clear that Santa doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the cookies left for him. He likes sugar cookies too, rumor has it, but he’ll take Oreos, Fudge Stripes, vanilla wafers, whatever you have. No wonder the jolly old soul has a weight problem.

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