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Super Bowl I

Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I,

The Green Bay Packers won both Super Bow I and II, reinforcing the NFL’s belief that it was the superior league. Uploaded by

When Super Bowl XLVI kicks off today, the worldwide event will hardly resemble what the first Super Bowl looked like back in 1967. And while some may argue today’s event is more spectacle than anything, Super Bowl I was hardly perfect.

The first match-up pitted the NFL powerhouse Green Bay Packers led by head coach Vince Lombardi against Hank Stram’s Kansas City Chiefs.   The Packers had just earned their fourth NFL title in six years, and were favored by 14. To nobody’s surprise, the Packers were able to impose their will on the Chiefs in a 35-10 rout.

Max McGee caught two touchdown passes in Super Bowl I,

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Max McGee, a hardly used veteran WR, was forced into action early due to an injury and caught two incredible touchdown passes to lead the Packers to the title. Not only did most Packers fans not expect McGee to play such a big role, he didn’t see this performance coming either.  In fact, McGee admitted to going out and breaking curfew the night before the game in anticipation that he wouldn’t play and was extremely hungover at kickoff. He was so out of it that he left his helmet in the locker room when he ran out and had to borrow one from his teammates.

A couple of interesting notes from Super Bowl I. First, the game had two second half kickoffs.  The game was aired on both CBS and NBC. This became an issue when the second half kickoff was aired on NBC, but CBS had yet to come back from commercial. After a brief discussion, the referee ordered the Packers to kick off for a second time. And the game was blacked out in Los Angeles where the game was played — because it wasn’t sold out.

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