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Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics, www.greatamericanthings.netSince its founding, Popular Mechanics has been the ultimate men’s magazine. No pin-ups, no racy humor, and (almost) no women allowed. Just cars, how-to projects, and technology since the magazine’s founding in 1905.

Popular Mechanics,

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To be honest here, I selected Popular Mechanics as a Great American Thing because of its longevity and reputation. But then I started looking at the content on its website and, well, damn. This is some good stuff! Here are some titles up as I write: “7 Things We Want to See in Star Wars VII“; “How All Those Celeb Photos Leaked – and How to Protect Yourself”: and “The 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time.”

The article categories tell the story. They include Automotive, Technology, Science, Home How-To, Adventure, and DIY Central. There’s a lot of gold here. Do yourself a favor, and if you think you know Popular Mechanics, think again. This is a Great American Magazine.

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  1. Well damn! Who knew? Guess I oughtta subscribe!