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Thanksgiving Day Football

The Detroit Lions have hosted a Thanksgiving game since 1934, the Dallas Cowboys since 1966. Uploaded by

In addition to the blessings for which we are grateful on Thanksgiving, here’s one more in 2011: Thank goodness the Detroit Lions are decent for a change. Makes the traditional Thanksgiving Classic worth watching this year.

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The NFL has been playing on Thanksgiving since its founding, with the Lions having hosted a game each year since 1934 and the Dallas Cowboys since 1966. Five years ago the NFL added a night game as well, but without a permanent host. Lots of colleges and high schools have Thanksgiving traditions as well.

I hope families turn the game off during dinner, but it would be interesting to find out how many keep it on. I’d also be curious whether men consider turkey or pro football more important on Thanksgiving, though I suspect most men would answer turkey. But I bet the margin is as small as a dieter’s slice of pumpkin pie. We may not give up turkey for football, but I bet we’d take football over pumpkin pie.

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