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Stephen King’s “The Stand”

If you've never read The Stand, get the original, not the bloated Original and Uncut version. And whatever you do, don't wait for the Ben Affleck-adapted trilogy to come out. Gack. Uploaded by

I love to read, but I’m the first to admit that my reading list wouldn’t impress my literary friends. The highest compliment I can pay a book is that it’s a great read. And that months (or even years) after reading it, I can still remember much of the plot and most of the characters. Stephen King made that happen for me with The Stand.

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I won’t try to summarize the plot in a paragraph, because that wouldn’t do it justice. But it’s an epic story with enough magical realism to really pull you in. It made me a Stephen King fan for a good while, though I eventually stopped reading him because he seemed to have to outdo himself in gore. For me, life is too short to read about maggots and such.

It’s rumored that a movie’s being made – or maybe even a trilogy (doesn’t Hollywood love trilogies!) from this book. And that Ben Affleck has been chosen both to write the adapted screenplay and to direct.

Read the book now (the original, not the bloated “Complete & Uncut Edition”). Then if you ever see the film at your local multiplex, run. Run far away.



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