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Travel: LA to Las Vegas Road Trip

You can count on about five hours for the 300-mile road trip. Unless you leave during Friday night rush hour. And depending on how long you stay at the In-N-Out in Hesperia. Uploaded by

It’s about 300 miles, give or take a few casinos. You can make it in about five hours, provided you don’t travel during Friday’s rush hour. Start on I-10, do a little shake and bake until you reach 1-15, and it’s a straight shot from there. Along the way you’ll pass the World’s Largest Thermometer (134 ft. high), stop at the In-N-Out in Hesperia (a must, according to the folks at, and pass such dream towns as Barstow, Primm, and Jean.

I can feel your excitement from here.

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Want the time to go by quickly? Here’s a tip from comedian Rita Rudner (and where has she been lately?):

“I recommend first renting a five year old to sit in the back seat (as it happens, I have one to rent), and have her say ‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘I feel sick’ at least 12 times an hour,” Rudner said. “When you next make the L.A.-L.V. trip, minus the child, the five hours will just fly by.”

And at the risk of letting this post become just a bunch of quotes from comedians (though there can be worse things), here’s a final tip. George Wallace reminds you to buy your gas before you arrive in Las Vegas:

“That’s why Vegas is the fastest growing city in America,” Wallace quipped. “People come here lose all their money and can’t go home.”

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