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Kid Stuff: Summer Camp

Each year, hundreds of thousands of kids get memories that last a lifetime at summer camp. Uploaded by

Several weeks after school lets out for the summer, a curious confluence of needs emerges. Parents need to get away from their kids, who are now at home all day, every day. And kids need something to energize them, once they’ve grown tired of hanging out around the house with nothing new to do. The answer for the whole family is simple: summer camp.

Traditionally, summer camp has taken kids away from a suburban environment into a more rustic one, with cabins, woods, and usually a lake. That’s changed a bit with the idea of “day camp,” which doesn’t involve overnight stays.

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Summer camp is also getting a lot more specialized these days. Used to be that churches, YMCA, Scouts, or 4-H got some kids together for a week, and the boys and girls learned lessons about faith and life. Now, there are camps for special interests – sports (or a particular sport), weight loss, language study, math/science/nature, performing arts, and more.

But summer camp isn’t the same without counselors, and pranks, and crafts, and a little homesickness. There will be sprained ankles, and sunburns, and poison ivy. There will be intense friendships that last a week. But best of all, there will be memories that last a lifetime…


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