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Peyton Manning

NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning,

He tends to polarize people into pro- and anti-Manning camps. But there's no denying his brilliance. Uploaded by

He may not play another down in the NFL. But Peyton Manning has a place reserved in the Hall of Fame in Canton, no doubt. The only question is whether he’s the best quarterback ever to play the game. Let’s make the case.

Peyton Manning, NFL Quarterback,

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He’s a four-time league MVP. He’s been in the Pro Bowl eleven times. He’s been the MVP of the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl. He has the most seasons with 4,000 passing yards (11), most consecutive seasons with 25 touchdown passes (13), most games with at least five touchdown passes (7), most games with completion percentage of at least 70% (66), most passing yards, completions, and touchdown passes in a decade (the 2000s). Believe me, that’s just the highlights.

If he’s able to keep playing, he’ll probably have the major quarterback career records (completions, passing yards, touchdown passes) before he’s through. Regardless, you have to admire how he’s able to read and pick apart defenses. You have to admire his accuracy. You have to admire the way he comports himself both on and off the field. I love Johnny Unitas, I respect Tom Brady, and I miss Joe Montana.

But is Peyton Manning the best quarterback ever to play the game? Yes. He is.

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