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Kid Stuff: Popsicles

uploaded by NATTY H

uploaded by NATTY H

According to official Popsicle lore, these frozen treats came into being by accident. A man left some soda water with a stirring stick in it on his porch one freezing winter night, and when he went out the next morning, Eureka! The Popsicle!

Who knows, it might have happened that way. Makes a good story. But it doesn’t really matter, because now we have them in all their tongue-dying, brain-freezing, t-shirt staining glory.

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Here are some interesting facts, courtesy of the Popsicles People. Cherry is the number one flavor. The sticks are made from birch. And the twin pops came about during the depression as a way of giving two kids a treat for one nickel.

Popsicles are as much a part of childhood as action figures and having to be kissed by your fat aunt Bertha. For example, who could have gone to camp or to Bible school without making something useless out of Popsicle sticks? And didn’t you try to break the twin pop in half, only to have part of it fall on the ground?

One last personal note. I love orange creamsicles. To me, that combination of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream is irresistible. I love it in other products and drinks. It’s the Michelangelo’s David of frozen pops.


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  1. Banana all the way!!! And I’m with you on the Orange creamsicle. YUMMY