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Travel: Sequoia National Park

The Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park is home to five of the ten largest trees (by volume) in the world. Uploaded by seven

Ever been somewhere, looked up, and thought, That’s a really big tree. Well, unless you were standing in Sequoia National Park, or its neighbor Kings Canyon National Park, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Mount Whitney. Uploaded by

In Sequoia National Park, you’ll see five of the ten largest trees in the world. Topping them all is the General Sherman. Now, it’s not the world’s tallest tree – that distinction belongs to a redwood farther north in California. But at a height of 275 feet and a diameter of 25 feet across, it’s the largest by volume. Of course, if you stand beside it, these distinctions are moot. You’ll just be awed by its sheer hugeness.

The Park, though distinguished by its mammoth trees, has much more for the outdoors enthusiast. Located in the southern Sierra Nevada range, it’s home to Mount Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48. Because of its changing elevations, it’s home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. You’ll find 240 known caves, the longest stretching some 20 miles underground. You can stay in one of several campgrounds, and spend your days hiking, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, backpacking, or skiing.

Oh, and did I mention those enormous trees?

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  1. That was practically my backyard for 20 years.  We’d zip up the hill (mountain) and spend a wonderful day in either Sequoia or Kings Canyon park.  Did you know that the General Grant tree is the nation’s Christmas tree?