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Travel: Sedona, Arizona

A unique sandstone native to the Sedona area lights up at sunrise and sunset to demonstrate why the area is known as Red Rock Country. Uploaded to Flickr by Tex Texin. See the original here:

When the sun rises and sets, the rock formations around Sedona seem to glow in the most beautifully vivid shades of red and orange. Caused by a variety of sandstone found only in that region, the formations have drawn people to Red Rock Country for generations.

Sedona is a small city of some 11,000 people in the upper Sonoran Desert in northern Arizona. It’s grown from a few ranches in the 1950s to a trendy town now that welcomes the second homes of many Hollywood and political elites.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Sedona is a haven. The region boasts spectacular locations for hiking, climbing, rafting, horseback riding, and fishing. You can tour the area by jeep, airplane, hot air balloon, or ATV.

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The rock formations themselves have been given names to identify them. Around Sedona are Thunder Mountain, Coffeepot, the Sphinx, Wilson Mountain, the Sail, and Submarine Rock.

The nearest major airport is in Phoenix, about two hours from Sedona. There’s a smaller airport in Flagstaff, about a half hour from town. If you choose to drive from Phoenix, some of the trip is along State Route 179, designated an All American Road by the Federal Highway Administration based on its natural, scenic, and recreational qualities…

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Cathedral Rock. Uploaded by

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona. Uploaded by

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Red Rock Spires. Uploaded by

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