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Singer: Martina McBride

Martina has had more than 40 chart hits, and five reached number 1. So far. Uploaded by

The first question I have about Martina McBride is simple. Are her eyes really that blue, or are those contacts? Best I can tell they’re really that blue – one reason Martina fits in with that class of country singers who could get by on their looks alone – you know, Shania Twain, Faith Hill.

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But make no mistake – Martina can sing. She’s got a powerful voice that has wowed country audiences since she broke onto the scene almost twenty years ago. And she’s only had one year since then that she didn’t have a single reach the Top 25 on the country chart. Here are the five that made number 1, and some other notable hits among the 41 that charted:

Martina’s won just about every kind of award they give away in Nashville. “Music Video of the Year”… “Female Vocalist of the Year”… “Humanitarian of the Year”… “Favorite Country Female Artist”… “Song of the Year”… “Top Grossing Tour of the Year”. And now the most coveted of all – Great American Thing.


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  1. This is a wonderful subject for your site.  Nashville music is truly unique to America.  Nice speaking with you this evening, it was fruitful as was your presentation…rap

  2. I’ve always wonders that about her eyes, too!
    And my favorite girls night out song is “This One’s for the Girls “!! 🙂

    ~Anna the one and only