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Maxine, by Hallmark

Maxine by Hallmark,

Let's hope nothing ever makes Maxine happy, what would we do then?

“As far as I’m concerned,” Maxine says, “the perfect bra is a sweatshirt.” That’s the down-to-earth humor with an attitude that we’ve come to expect from one of Hallmark’s most popular creations. Maxine is irreverent, impertinent – and indispensable.

Maxine by Hallmark,

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The old girl dates back to 1986, when Hallmark launched its Shoebox line of humorous cards. Artist John Wagner created this irascible woman, then unnamed, and everyone loved her. She earned her name in a contest, and everyone agreed that “Maxine” was perfect. Now she has her own books, calendars, comic strip (“Crabby Road”) and website.

You can go to the sites linked above to enjoy a wide variety of Maxine’s sayings. They’re organized into these categories: Aging Gracefully, Attitude, Fashion and Shopping, Health and Fitness, Housework, Money & Taxes, Politics, Technology, Workplace & Office, and Love, Sex & Dating. You might want to set a timer, though. It’s easy to get started laughing at Maxine and lose all track of time.

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  1. I sometimes wonder if I’m channeling Maxine, or if she’s channeling me. Either way, we think alike, which is sometimes a very scary thing. She’s a riot