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Savannah, Georgia architecture

Savannah is historic, romantic, hospitable - and haunted. Uploaded by

It evokes the Old, I say the Old South, suh. Many cities are proud of their heritage (I hear you, Charleston), but few more so than Savannah , the Colonial capital of Georgia. And it’s definitely working for them. The city receives kudos for being “romantic” (, Southern Living), for coffee and beer (Travel + Leisure), and for being “spooky” (,

The center of Savannah is its historic squares, featuring breathtaking antebellum architecture and modern city amenities. Its mild climate is perfect for sidewalk cafes, ice cream parlors, and trendy microbreweries.

If you read John Berendt’s book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you’ve got a pretty good feel for modern-day Savannah. Classy. A bit snobby. More than a little haunted. All in all, a great destination for a getaway. You might stay away from the famous cemeteries at night, though. Just a friendly tip.

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  1. A great, historic, Southern city. Thanks for sharing!