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New York Restaurant Week

New York City Restaurant Week,

Twice a year, foodies in New York City get to sample the restaurants of the 1% on the budget of the 99%. Uploaded by

I don’t want to confuse you, but New York Restaurant Week now lasts 20 days. It’s the twice-a-year celebration of dining out in the Big Apple, and it started on Jan. 16 and ends on Feb. 10, and comes again during June/July. This year (2012) represents the twentieth anniversary of the grand experiment.

New York City Restaurant Week,

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The celebration gives people the opportunity to enjoy a three-course lunch at dozens of restaurants around town for just $24.07. Many also offer dinner for $35. Now, that may not sound like such a bargain in Myrtle Beach, but this is the Foodie Capital of America we’re talking about. The idea has spread to other cities around the country – and the world.

It’s a great way to sample a restaurant that may normally be out of your budget, or to try a restaurant that you’re not sure about without having so much on the line. Now, everything on the menu won’t be available at the reduced price, but you’ll still get to experience the chef’s talents while evaluating the service and the ambiance. You’ll want to make reservations way in advance, though. As you can imagine, many of the most popular spots fill up fast. Just as you will, when you enjoy New York Restaurant Week.


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