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TV Show: The Flintstones

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I bet you can probably sing at least part of the theme song. Although The Flintstones premiered on prime time more than 50 years ago (Sept. 30, 1960), it’s been a staple of television (and movies) ever since. The premise was simple – “Let’s take The Honeymooners, animate it, and set it back in the Stone Age.” There’s your elevator pitch right there.

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The rest was simple. Fred and his neighbor and best buddy Barney. Their wives Wilma and Betty. Children Pebbles (F+W) and Bam Bam (B+B). Dino the pet dinosaur. Mr. Slate and the stone quarry. The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. And the placement of modern concerns in their Stone Age setting. (Some of the fun came from the names of other characters, such as Arnold Palmrock, Cary Granite, and Stony Curtis.

As familiar as that Flintstones theme is, it actually wasn’t used in the first two seasons. They carried an instrumental theme (though it’s been replaced now for syndicated and DVD releases.) The Flintstones franchise has had remarkable staying power, with a dozen TV follow-up series, two animated films, 11 TV specials, five TV movies, and two live-action films. And plans are in the works for producer Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) to do a new version of the show in the near future. Yabba dabba do!

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  1. The Flintstones have always been one of my lifetime favorite cartoons! Thanks for reminding me how great the show was. I think I will have a Flintstone movie night with my kids!

  2. I really liked this show,,can’t believe its been that long ago,I remember the first show,,,how exciting it was ,,first one on prime time,,a cartoon,,,lol