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Song: "Autumn Leaves"

The song Autumn Leaves,

This hauntingly beautiful song had French origins, but was adapted to English by American Johnny Mercer. Uploaded by

We would share this wonderful classic with Great French Things, were there such a thing, because its melody was written by a French songwriter, Joseph Kosma. American Johnny Mercer gave it English lyrics in 1947.

Johnny Mercer. Uploaded by

Johnny Mercer founded and co-owned Capitol Records. Jo Stafford was under contract to Capitol Records. Therefore, Jo Stafford was the first to record Kosma and Mercer’s beautiful song.

Even though such popular artists as Bing Crosby and Artie Shaw did their own versions, “Autumn Leaves” didn’t really catch on for almost a decade. Then pianist Roger Williams took it to number one – the only piano instrumental ever to reach the top of the charts. From then on it became a jazz standard, brought to life by Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie, and Cannonball Adderley.

Most of the jazz versions are, understandably, instrumentals. Until recently, the essential vocal version was performed by Nat King Cole for a movie called – surprise! – Autumn Leaves. But once you’ve heard Eva Cassidy’s unbelievable version, you’ll realize that she now owns this song. OWNS it.


“Les feuilles mortes” (literally “The Dead Leaves”)

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  1. You’re right, Eva Cassidy owns this song, in spite of my love for everything Nat “King” Cole. I first learned to appreciate this song and its lyrics from watching the movie, which is a great old one with Joan Crawford and young Cliff Robertson.

  2. Eva Cassidy was able to almost effortlessly own practically every song she ever attempted. What a huge talent for the world to have missed out on.

  3. Judson, it’s great to hear from another Eva Cassidy fan. I still remember trying to find every song she recorded, and being devastated when I learned that she had died so young.