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“Enter Sandman”

Enter Sandman features the best 1:10 introduction in rock history. Uploaded by

The best introduction to a song. Ever. The first 1:10 instrumental of “Enter Sandman” is an adrenaline rush that is unmatched in my experience. I’ve never been especially a fan of heavy metal, but when I hear this song, I can understand why so many people are.

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Now, to part two of this post. Around the turn of the century, Virginia Tech looked for a song to accompany a video to be played when its football team came out of the tunnel onto the field. Wisely, they selected “Enter Sandman.” Anyone who’s been there, or even seen it on TV, knows what happens next: The crowd starts jumping in fevered anticipation, and the place is a wild, loud, manic bowl of excitement. It became an instant fan obsession, now consistently ranked among the best football traditions in the country.

Metallica has embraced Virginia Tech’s use of its song, even recording an introduction for this year’s Miami game. So first, here’s the Metallica song in full. Then take a look at what happened when “Enter Sandman” was played before the final play of that very game. “These people are losing their mind,” said announcer Mike Patrick. “This is beautiful.”

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  1. Like the post very much, in so much like you never been a heavy metal fan, however, because of my occupation somewhat adopted the song. Then out of coincidence was watching the Rock& Roll Hall’s 25th Anniverasary concert and 
    saw it. Incredible instrumental. Thanks again for posting.