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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe,

At nearly a mile high, Lake Tahoe is surrounded by some of America's best ski resorts. Uploaded by

Lake Tahoe is located between Nevada and California, and is ringed with small resort towns that cater to tourists. So you’d think the choice for a visitor would be between which state to stay in. But no. The way locals see the choice is between Tahoe North and Tahoe South. If you want to stay South, you’ll fly in to Sacramento, which puts you just over two hours away by car. If you’re staying North, your flight will be to Reno, and your drive is about 45 minutes. (If you can get a cheaper flight, you might also consider Reno for the South Lake.)

Lake Tahoe,

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Regardless of which side you choose, the main attraction of the region is its outdoor lifestyle. Many ski resorts dot the area, including famous Squaw Valley, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960. Heavenly Valley is the largest resort, and it’s on the South Side. On both sides are opportunities for fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, camping, and golf. (And across the border in Nevada are a number of full-service casinos as well.)

Lake Tahoe itself is the second-deepest lake in the U.S., trailing only Oregon’s Crater Lake. And it’s at more than a mile high in altitude. It’s known for its clarity and for the mountains that frame it on almost all sides. It’s also a famous playground for the stars, so be sure and keep your eyes open at the airport – no telling who you’ll see coming to enjoy what everyone just calls “Tahoe.”

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