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Schooners, Bloomington Illinois

Schooners Restaurant,

Not a spectacular place to look at, outside or inside. But you don’t come to Schooners for the ambiance, you come for the food. Uploaded by

I recently had the pleasure of speaking about Great American Things with Scott Laughlin of WJBC Radio in Bloomington, Illinois. During the course of the conversation, I mentioned that I liked to feature great local restaurants from across the country, and asked him if he had a recommendation in Bloomington. Without hesitation, he brought up Schooners.

Schooners beer garden,

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Here are some of the comments about Schooners from the very food savvy folks who post on the website Yelp:

“The wings are great, the soups (always homemade), and the burgers are great.”

“If there was a hall of fame for local awesome sauce restaurants this place would be a first ballot.”

“The onion rings.  Oh my goodness the onion rings.  Best in town. Seriously, lightly beer battered flavor, get the biggest basket you can and don’t share.”

“Pork tenderloin, oh my goodness. Get the one for 4 and it’s under 10 bucks and it is so delish.”

This is pub food, comfort food, but as the people in Bloomington know, really good food. Thanks for the suggestion, Scott. And for helping us spread the word about Great American Things in central Illinois.

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