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Food: Hamburger Joe's, Myrtle Beach

A couple of the patrons are signing dollar bill to add to Hamburger Joe's decor. Uploaded to Webshots by afchic214.

Like most good hamburger joints, there’s nothing fancy about Hamburger Joe’s. Oh, you can dine out on the back porch with a nice view of the marsh, if you like looking at marshes. But it’s not the ambiance that people line up for at Hamburger Joe’s. It’s those delicious, sloppy, Carolina-style burgers.

Uploaded by Hamburger Joe's Facebook fan page.

These burgers aren’t the thick, Red Robin type. Nothing against them, they’re great too, but Hamburger Joe’s burgers are more…old-fashioned. The flavor is great, but when you add mustard, chili, onions, and slaw, you’ve got a little taste of heaven in your hands. And, possibly, running down your arm.

As good as the burgers are, HJ also has some outstanding wings. A friend of mine, who knows good road food, swears by their “gold wings” and their hot sauce. And this is one of the few places I’ll order onion rings, because they’re just outstanding.

By the way, the walls at Hamburger Joe’s are distinctive – they’re covered with dollar bills that have been signed by patrons. Seven thousand dollars worth, I’m told. Which is a smooth segue to my final point, and that is that this is a family-friendly, budget-friendly kind of place. Lots of families have to make a visit to HJ during each trip to the beach, and it’s a locals’ favorite place as well.

So, go and enjoy. Just don’t ask for a fork.

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