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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese,

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Is there anything that doesn’t taste better with some cream cheese added? It’s a rhetorical question – of course there isn’t. That sweetness, that richness, that nutritional value – okay, two out of three ain’t bad.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese,

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While cream cheese wasn’t first created in Philadelphia, that area became known for it in the late 19th century. So a smart guy named Alvin Reynolds started mass producing it and gave it the brand name Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

It’s terrific by itself on bagels. I can’t imagine anything better than a creamy New York cheesecake. Oh, and if you want the creamiest, lushest mashed potatoes, cream cheese is the secret. Well, by now it’s not a secret. If a city has to foist the Philadelphia Eagles on the public, the least they can do is make up for it with good food. And it doesn’t get much better than Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

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