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Americana: Ice Cream Trucks

Most of the time, ice cream trucks in the neighborhood just offer frozen ice cream bars. But if you were really lucky, a Mister Softee would come with soft serve! Uploaded to Flickr by martin kelley.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re five or 75 – when you hear the ice cream truck come into your neighborhood, it makes you happy. The ice cream man! The ice cream man!

Some ice cream vendors carry the basic frozen specialties, such as ice cream sandwiches, Popsicles, Creamsicles, Fudgsicles, Cap’n Crunch chocolate and strawberry ice cream bars, and other cartoon-themed treats. But sometimes you get really lucky, and a Mister Softee truck comes by. Then, if you can scrape up the money (or if it’s right after payday for mom and dad), you can get a soft serve cone – or even a milkshake!

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The concept of an ice cream truck goes back at least to 1920, when Good Humor put a fleet of twelve vehicles with freezers and bells into the streets of Youngstown, Ohio. It took the development of special freezers to make the company’s innovative marketing possible.

Today, ice cream trucks are a novelty themselves, but their arrival still make the pulse rise. Positive endorphins course through your body, preparing you for that cold, sweet goodness. Not everyone likes ice cream, I’m told, but I don’t trust those people.

I just have one caution the next time the ice cream man comes to your street: Look both ways before crossing the street! (Thanks, Dad.)


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know we were so iconic! That’s fun to see us in a blog on Americana. I’ll have to show the boys!