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Americana: High School Reunions

Photo courtesy of Flickr, posted by sholden.

Photo courtesy of Flickr, posted by sholden.

They’re loved. And they’re hated. But the temptation to go back and see what’s happened to the people with whom you spent the most traumatic years of your life is irresistible.

Of course, the secret reason you want to go is to see what he’s done with his life. You know, the boy you thought you’d end up marrying. Or how she looks now, the girl who mixed your hormone cocktail.

There’s always the person you thought was a geek who now is Vice President of Microsoft. And the people who never left high school in their minds, who want to revive the clique and hold a pep rally.

The food’s not good, the music is too loud, and dammit, you were going to lose those twenty pounds. But you go, and in the end, you’re glad. Because you realize that you’re doing okay after all. And the head cheerleader who thought she was God’s gift now tips the Toledo at over two bills.

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