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Kid Stuff: Chuck E. Cheese's

For kids, it's about the arcade games, the tokens, the tickets, and the prizes. For adults, it's a place Where a Kid Can be a Kid. Uploaded by

A friend of mine calls this place “Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Hell.” I get that. But the company’s slogan is “Where a Kid Can be a Kid.” Parents and adult relatives endure the place. But kids… They love it. Love it.

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Kids get to play arcade and skill games (must be the national Skee-Ball headquarters), spend tokens to win tickets, and exchange them for kid-friendly prizes. Then they go back to the table, eat a couple of slices of pizza, get a visit from a costumed character, open birthday gifts (at the ubiquitous parties), then run back to the arcade to win more tickets. The adults eat average pizza, listen to the Chuck E. Cheese and his fellow animatronic characters sing songs they recognize, and make sure their kids stay safe.

It’s a brilliant concept. Kids love the noise, the parties, the games, the prizes. Parents love two things: 1) that their kids are happy, and 2) when they get to go home.


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  1. SkeeBall!! That was always my favorable part of Chuck E Cheese! I hope I get to enjoy it again with my grandson, Grayson