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Travel: Small Towns (1)

Every small town has a main street, and most actually are Main Street. Uploaded to Flickr by Let Ideas Compete.

For the first time, this is a multi-part selection, although part two may be months away. There are simply too many great small towns in America to settle on a small handful. People who’ve grown up in cities, or who’ve become accustomed to city living, think small towns are a thing of the past. But they’re very much real, and very relevant, today.

Here are some that are beautiful and vibrant:

Lexington, Virginia
Home of Washington & Lee University and Virginia Military Institute, Civil War history, shopping, Natural Bridge nearby.

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New Bern, North Carolina
At the convergence of two rivers, settled in 1710, historic homes, quaint shops, gardens.

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Louisville, Colorado
Trails, the Rockies, close to ski resorts, Money magazine’s number one Best Places to Live.

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Natchitoches, Louisiana
Established 1714, where Steel Magnolias was filmed, National Historic Landmark District, bed and breakfast haven

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Leavenworth, Washington
Yes, it’s a Bavarian village in Washington State, No, I don’t know why, climbing, rafting, skiing nearby.

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Ashland, Oregon
The Siskiyou Mountains, Shakespeare Festival, vineyards, 196 days of sunshine.

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Camden, Maine
Exceptionally beautiful harbor, classic downtown, country inns, quintessential New England.

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  1. Funny. Before I clicked the link from your facebook, and saw which towns you picked, I thought “I’ll suggest Lexington, VA, and Burlington, VT”. Let’s see if my second choice makes part 2….

  2. Thanks for acknowledging that Lexington, Va. is a great example of small town American life. I hate to sound trite but it truly is a very unique place and a great place to raise a family or retire to.
    Its rolling hills in between two mountain ranges offer great beauty. Its populace, a mixture of locals and those from all over the country & world, provide a mini-metropolitan atmosphere.
    The two universities offer educational and entertainment opportunities for all.
    As a long time resident and exclusive real estate buyer’s agent I can attest that over the years most of my clients come to my office knowing they want to live here. There isn’t any question in their minds. They just want someone to help make it happen.
    Despite some growth, its essence hasn’t really changed much in the last 30 years or so. It has only gotten better. Thanks again.

  3. How did I miss Lexington? Wow….