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Wonder Bread

Wonder Bread has been around now for 90 years. It's seen society change from thinking white bread was the best choice to seeing it as the worst. Uploaded by

As you may know, it builds strong bodies eight ways. Here’s a test: Name any one of the eight. Okay, it has vitamins. Name another. Didn’t think you could. Even so, Wonder Bread provided the standard of white bread for most of the twentieth century.

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Wonder Bread has been around since 1921, providing toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch for generations. And you know that cliché, “The greatest thing since sliced bread” – it could have been “The greatest thing since Wonder Bread,” because it was the first national brand to be sold sliced. It’s also said to be the inspiration for the phrase “The Wonder years.”

Wonder Bread is in the Hostess brands family now. Some may look askance at bread that’s a cousin of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and the like. These are people who care about stuff like “nutrition.” Yeah, those people are probably right. But you can’t discuss food products without mentioning taste – and Wonder Bread and Hostess treats are a favorite guilty pleasure. The best thing since…well, you know.

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