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Singer: Billy Joel

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First, let me get something out of the way that’s always bothered me. Once you reach age 21, you can be Bill, William, Will – but adult men aren’t called Billy. Or Bobby. You have grown-up responsibilities, you use a grown-up name. Just saying.

Even so, Billy Joel doesn’t seem to have been diminished much by his puerile name, does he? He’s only been the third-best selling solo artist in America, according to RIAA, selling over 150 million records. He’s won six Grammys. And been elected to four Halls of Fame (Songwriters, Rock and Roll, Long Island Music, and Hit Parade).

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Normally, I list a performer’s top 25 songs here. I started to, but the list is way too long. So here are his songs that made the Top10:

And that’s on the main Billboard Hot 100 chart. He had ten more songs make the top 10 on the Adult Contemporary Chart…Here’s a GREAT video of what I consider his all-time best song:


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  1. I came this way based on a LinkedIn discussion and found this Billy Joel video. It made my day, thanks.

    • Glad you found your way here, Collier! Hope you’ll mention us to your friends, and feel free to come back often.