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Food: Coca-Cola

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Yes, I realize that a significant percentage of you prefer Pepsi, which is itself a Great American Thing. Shoot, probably two percent of you are holding out for RC Cola, and six aerobics instructors and a valet parking attendant in Santa Monica are clamoring for Tab. But the drink that holds the unmistakable claim for iconic status as the essential American soft drink is Coke.

Chances are you know some of the mythology surrounding Coca-Cola., the urban legends folks, has a whole page devoted to rumors. Such as: “Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine.” Verdict: TRUE. And “Only two people in the world know Coke’s formula, and each knows only half of it.” Verdict: FALSE.

Here’s my favorite on the page, “Little Mikey of LIFE Cereal fame died from the explosive effects of mixing Pop Rocks candy and Coca-Cola.” Verdict: FALSE. (Darn, this would have been so cool if true.)

uploaded by Coca-Cola Art Gallery

uploaded by Coca-Cola Art Gallery

Now you can get a Coke almost anywhere in the world, from Atlanta to Djibouti, always in that trademarked contour shape. It’s used in recipes (a delicious cake, for example) and makes a delicious float. All right, I’m sure there are other things it’s used in besides desserts, but it seems my sweet tooth is particularly active today.

Oh, speaking of teeth. There’s another rumor on that says “A tooth left in a glass of Coca-Cola will dissolve overnight.” Curses, also FALSE. Why are the really good stories never true?


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  1. I remember a science experiment from 6th grade—we put a small piece of raw chicken into a bottle of Coke and left it overnight at room temp. In the morning it was cooked.

  2. Love Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and just love that video. I wonder where all those singers are today?