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Food: New York Bagels

Whether you eat yours plain, toasted, buttered, with a schmear, or with smoked salmon, it'll taste better in New York. Uploaded by

That’s New York bagels, as in bagels from the shops in New York City. A friend who recently spent extended time in France raves abut the fresh breads available in the local boulangeries. No doubt they’re incredible. But perhaps no bread is as identified with a single city as the humble bagel is with New York.

You can hardly go wrong at a NYC bagel joint. Recently the New York food Web site Serious Eats tried to find out where the best bagel is made. They tried many of the city’s reliables, including Terrace Bagel in Brooklyn, Murray’s Bagels on Sixth Ave., Brooklyn Bagels, and Absolute Bagels on Broadway. But the pick as the best went to Bagel Hole, in Brooklyn.

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Some like their bagels plain, others want them toasted. Some like butter (must be toasted), others a schmear of creme cheese, or some smoked salmon. Whatever you prefer, it’ll taste better on a bagel in New York.

But the taste testers found that bagels lose their edge in a matter of about 30 minutes. After that time, even the best tended to taste chewy, less crispy, less flavorful. Moral of the story: Get ’em while they’re hot.


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  1. I think it’ may be more likely to say it’s hard to go wrong in a NYC pizza joint.