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What’s the greatest American film of all time? Can’t decide? Well then, what’s your favorite movie? Do you love the classics, or ignore anything before 1980? Comedies, courtroom dramas, casts of thousands – we have them all at Great American Things.

Film Studio: Pixar

Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 in Americana, Film | 1 comment

Hard to imagine how many films 20th Century Fox has made. Or MGM. Or Universal, Columbia, Paramount. But we know how many Pixar has made....

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Film: Patton

Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Film | Comments Off on Film: Patton

It's a great movie, and George C. Scott gives a tremendous performance. In his portrayal, the scope of the general's military skills were only matched by the size of his ego.

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Film: The Philadelphia Story

Posted by on May 24, 2011 in Film | Comments Off on Film: The Philadelphia Story

This movie starred Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart. Really, do I need to say anything else? Could that incredible cast...

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Film: Raging Bull

Posted by on Apr 21, 2011 in Film | Comments Off on Film: Raging Bull

It’s a tough film to watch. The book from which its adapted, Raging Bull: My Story by Jake LaMotta wasn’t particularly good....

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Film: Movies of 1976

Posted by on Apr 1, 2011 in Film | Comments Off on Film: Movies of 1976

  Maybe it was the Bicentennial that inspired so many excellent movies. Okay, probably not. All I know is that 1976 was one of those...

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Film: On the Waterfront

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in Film | Comments Off on Film: On the Waterfront

  Brando at his best. That’s really all you need to know to put On the Waterfront at the top of your “must-see”...

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Film: Schindler’s List

Posted by on Mar 8, 2011 in Film | 1 comment

Schindler’s List is Stephen Spielberg’s masterpiece. And that’s quite a statement. It tells the true story of German...

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Film: North by Northwest

Posted by on Feb 16, 2011 in Film | Comments Off on Film: North by Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock directing. Cary Grant starring. Music by Bernard Herrmann. Script by Edward Lehman. I’m sure with such credits...

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Film: Movies of 1954

Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in Film | Comments Off on Film: Movies of 1954

  Most of us think of the 1950s as a bland, forgettable decade. The calm before the storm. On the movie front, however, it was a...

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Film: That Thing You Do

Posted by on Jan 24, 2011 in Film | 2 comments

I’m actually quite embarrassed to say how much I like this little movie. I’m kind of a sucker for other movies with this very...

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