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L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean,

When Mr. Bean started his business, he began with waterproof boots for hunters. Uploaded by

In today’s urbanized America, it’s not likely that a company started by someone named Leon Leonwood Bean and headquartered in Freeport, Maine, would be able to make much of an impact. And if it did, its board of directors would probably be trying to move it to Boston “to improve our shipping.” (Read: To allow us to use a better airport.)

L.L. Bean,

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Fortunately for lovers of well-made, stylish outdoor wear, Mr. Bean founded his company back in 1912. Bean, an outdoorsman himself, developed a pair of waterproof boots that he sold to hunters across the country by mail order.  That’s still the main way the company earns its revenue, though it now has factory stores in ten states – and in nine cities in Japan. (I can’t picture the Japanese outdoorsman, can you? Joe Bob Takahashi?)

Whether you’re a true lover of the outdoors or just want to look like one, L.L. Bean has the gear and the clothing to get you there. The company has developed an outstanding reputation for the quality of its products and services, which I’m sure would make Leon Leonwood proud.

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