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Although you can get a Zagat guide now for hotels, nightlife, shopping, and more, it's still the restaurant reviews that sets Zagat apart. Uploaded by

Zagat seems like it’s “been around forever”, though it got its start “in 1979.” “Customer comments” and “experiences of real people” make these multi-city guides “indispensable.” When you’re visiting a new city, “A Zagat guide is a good investment.”

Okay, that’s as long as I can stand to mimic the distinctive Zagat format. Short, pithy pull quotes from surveys are strung together in a one-paragraph narrative that help you decide where to dine. And now, guides to help you make the most of a city’s hotels, clubs, and lifestyle.

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But for most of us, though, it’s still about help with restaurants. Each listing gives a score in four categories: Food, Decor, Service, and Cost. So if you’re looking for, say, a romantic steak dinner on a budget, trust Zagat to give you some great choices.

The company began with an NYC guide, but now provides advice for larger cities from coast to coast. And while that distinctive Zagat book is always an option, you can now subscribe to the listings online, or get them on mobile phones and BlackBerry.

By the way, if you’d like to add your two cents concerning your own experiences to Zagat’s extensive database, they’d welcome you. Visit their website to find out how…


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