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Americana: Covered Bridges

Bridge  Woodstock Vermont by florida-sportsman-magazinedotcom

Woodstock, Vermont. Uploaded by

You don’t have to go to Madison County, Iowa to see them. Most are on small, out-of-the-way byways, since they’d have been replaced if they were carrying lots of traffic. While Pennsylvania has more than any other state, you can find them throughout the country, and most are now protected as historic landmarks.

But why talk about them when we can see them?

Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Uploaded by

Old Bennington, Vermont. Uploaded by

Elizabethton, Tennessee. Uploaded by

Randolph County, North Carolina by

Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Uploaded by

Jackson, Wyoming. Uploaded by

Beaver Creek State Park, Ohio by

And then there are those bridges of Madison County:


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