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Americana: Air Force One

Air Force One has more than 4,000 sq. ft. of living, meeting, and office space. Uploaded by dept.

Technically, any Air Force airplane transporting the President of the United States is designated as Air Force One. For our purposes, though, we’re designating the two airplanes that have been customized to carry the President as a Great American Thing.

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The first President to fly in an airplane while in office was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who flew to great powers conferences in Casablanca and Yalta. But it wasn’t until 1962 that the plane now designated “Air Force One” had a distinctive appearance. President John Kennedy commissioned industrial designer Raymond Loewy to create a unique exterior design for the presidential Boeing 707. Using a two-tone blue color scheme with the presidential seal near the nose and an American flag on the tail, the new look received immediate popular approval.

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Today, the Air Force One planes are Boeing 747 wide-bodied jets, first brought into service during the administration of George H.W. Bush. They offer more than 4,000 sq. ft. of floor space and include a bedroom, bathroom, workout room, and conference room/dining room. The President and his senior staff have offices, and the press has a separate area. Air Force One can carry up to 70 passengers and 26 crew members…


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