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TV Show: Twin Peaks

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David Lynch is a frightening, obsessed, brilliant, self-indulgent, visionary director. He could create a television series as amazing as Twin Peaks, and follow it up with a movie sequel (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me) that’s virtually unwatchable.

The show was marked by some of the most fascinating characters ever on the small screen. Special Agent Dale Cooper, who appreciated a damn fine piece of pie. (“This must be where pies go when they die.”) Deputy Andy, who cried at any provocation. The log lady. A one-armed man named Mike. A talking giant. A dancing dwarf. And the spirit that entered Leland Palmer, causing him to kill his daughter in one of the most harrowing scenes you’ll ever see. And this most evil demon’s name? Bob.


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Twin Peaks ran for only two seasons, 1990-91. Thirty episodes. Lynch didn’t direct all thirty, but you could clearly tell which ones he did. He created a surreal world that was spellbinding. Unfortunately, once the central question — Who killed Laura Palmer? — was answered, Lynch and his writers didn’t know what to do, and neither did the audience. Many found other shows with more linear plots to watch, and Twin Peaks fizzled out.

But for all that, the music, the quirks, the characters, the dialogue, the supernatural elements made Twin Peaks an unforgettable show. Why not watch an episode today? Many are available online here:

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  1. Great show, but made it hard to sleep at night without hearing things that go bump.

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