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Food: Best Hamburgers (2)

What makes a burger great? The quality of the meat? The perfect toppings? A delicious bun? Good chargrilled flavor? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Uploaded to photobucket by carlapryor.

Several months back I did an overview of five of America’s best hamburger joints. At the time, I labeled the post as “Best Hamburgers (1)” because there are just way too many great hamburger places in the country to cover in just one post. So, here’s the second installment. I doubt if this will be the last one, either. If you live near any of these places, you probably already know about them. If you don’t? Consider a pilgrimage to one of these shrines to America’s favorite sandwich.

Pie ‘n Burger, Pasadena

“The burger is a thing of beauty; the bun is toasted on the griddle, the layers of iceberg lettuce and pickle chips accentuate the sear of the patty, and the dab of cool Thousand Island dressing brings the preparation into the realm of perfection.” Patric Kuh, selected by

Pie 'n Burger, uploaded by

Ray’s Hell Burger, Arlington, Va.

“There’s no sign, yet dedicated fans — a certain president included — come here for the freshly ground burgers and complimentary toppings like grilled onions and mushrooms sautéed in sherry and Cognac.” – Selected by

Ray's Hell Burger, uploaded by

Buckhorn Burger, San Antonio

“(The Buckhorn Burger is) the ultimate in a burger with a burn. The too strong onions, hot-pungent chilies, and potent mustard all battle to a spectacular draw. The cheese is the binder and the pickle the crunchy refresher, while the lettuce and tomato hang on for dear life and the coarsely ground beef acts as a solid, sensible underpinning.” – Alan Richman, selected by

Buckhorn Burger, uploaded by

Roaring Fork, Scottsdale
Order up the Big-Ass Burger—12 ounces of ground beef marinated in green-chili sauce and then grilled and covered with bacon, Colby longhorn cheese, and a pile of caramelized onions. Selected by

Roaring Fork, uploaded to Photobucket by foodhoe.

Blanc Burgers + Bottles, Kansas City

Their fresh spin on the basic hamburger, the Classic, is a standout: a grilled beef patty topped with aged New York white cheddar and homemade pickles on a soft brioche — with made-from-scratch ketchup. Selected by

Blanc Burgers + Bottles, uploaded to by Tiger W.

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